n мед.

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  • dysbarism — /dis bah riz euhm/, n. Med. the condition resulting from a difference between the atmospheric pressure and the pressure of gases within the body. [DYS + BAR(O) + ISM] * * * …   Universalium

  • dysbarism — General term for the symptom complex resulting from exposure to decreased or changing barometric pressure, including all physiologic effects resulting from such changes with the exception of hypoxia, and including the effects of rapid… …   Medical dictionary

  • dysbarism — n. difference between atmospheric pressure and the pressure of blood gases …   English contemporary dictionary

  • dysbarism — Decompression sickness caused by the release of nitrogen bubbles into the bloodstream at a very low ambient pressure. The person must be returned to a high pressure environment as soon as possible …   Aviation dictionary

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  • Баротравма (Dysbarism) — любое клиническое проявление, возникающее в результате различия между атмосферным давлением снаружи человеческого тела и давлением воздуха или газа внутри полостей тела (например, в придаточных пазухах носа или в среднем ухе). См. Болезнь… …   Медицинские термины

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  • hypobarism — Dysbarism resulting from decreasing barometric pressure on the body without hypoxia; gas in body cavities tends to expand, and gases dissolved in body fluids tend to come out of solution as bubbles. Cf.:decompression sickness. SYN: hypobaria. * * …   Medical dictionary

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